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It is time for challenges and innovations

The new podcast episode is focused on the challen

ges BE Group faces in 2022 and innovations it intends to implement to answer them.

Paulo Cardoso and Gonçalo Costa talked with Sílvia Mesquita about the path BE Group has been following in recent years to answer the technical challenges posed by shifting the paradigm of assessing effects of projects on species to start assessing impacts of projects on populations.

Paulo and Gonçalo hope that 2022 will translate into the application of a set of tools and methods developed in recent years by the BE team to respond to these challenges. Tools and methods that were developed in R&D projects within the company and under ongoing doctoral programs.

These two collaborators also emphasize that it is their belief that we are now in possession of tools capable of supporting decision-making as never before and that we can, in this way, reduce the uncertainty and ambiguity of environmental procedures.

The challenges are to accommodate technical issues to the legal procedure (namely deadlines, responsibilities, etc.) and improve the communication of content that can currently be complex and difficult to interpret.

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